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Last Modified:   08/05/00

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  The Journal of ICHPER·SD, established as the official publication of ICHPER·SD in October, 1988, is provided quarterly (January, April, July, and October) to all ICHPER·SD members.  The Journal has grown from 32 pages and two color covers to 64 pages and four color covers.  Abstracts of all major articles are now translated from English into four additional languagesArabic, French, German, and Spanish. Regular features include important professional messages from the ICHPER·SD President and Secretary General, Editor of the Journal, a calendar of international conferences, reports from ICHPER·SD regions and commissions, publication reviews, and WebWorks providing information about worldwide web links, especially related to topics within each current issue.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  In addition to articles with either a practical application or research emphasis coming from all ICHPER·SD geographic regions, periodically in depth features deal with specific aspects of health, physical education, recreation, sport, dance, and related areas.  Occasionally features are generated from unsolicited manuscripts dealing with similar topics, or from the same geographic region.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  A double blind review  process is rigorously followed; reviewers are located in each of the ICHPER·SD geographic regions.  The following guidelines are to assist authors in preparing manuscripts to be submitted and considered through the ICHPER·SD review and editorial processes.

  • Submit all manuscripts in English or Spanish; at the present time no other languages can be considered.

  • Deal with any topic of interest to ICHPER·SD membership health, physical education, recreation, sport, dance, and related areas, each interpreted and applied in its broadest ways, being sure the topic will be of interest to an international audience.

  • No specific form or format is required. Use any scholarly form/format (including selected references), being sure it is consistent with applications throughout the manuscript.

  • Try to make the manuscript itself no longer than 12 to 15 double spaced pagesinclude an abstract of between 100 and 200 words.

  • Make every effort to send figures and graphs in camera ready form so each can be processed directly and not have to be typeset.  Photographs and other graphics always add to impact and presentation of an article (no slides).

  • Submit four typewritten or computer generated, double spaced copies of both manuscript and abstractno computer disk is necessary.

  • Include a cover sheet with names of authors, positions, affiliations, addresses, telephone and FAX numbers, and e-mail addressesdo not have author name(s) or related information on the abstract or any manuscript pages that will be sent our for review.

  • Send manuscripts via regular mail (airmail from outside the United States) to Julian U. Stein, Editor, Journal of ICHPER·SD, 283 Mahoney Road, Oliver Springs, Tennessee 37840-1826.

  • Direct any correspondence to the Editor at the address listed above, by telephone or FAX at: 

Tel:  (865) 435-7249       
Fax: (865) 435-7249
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