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arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Is registered and has the status of a nonprofit organization           [501 (c)(3)] status in the United States of America.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Is an academic and scientifically based professional organization of ICHPER·SD educators who bring research theory to practice and actuality.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Is known as one of the oldest and most influential leading international academic organizations in HPERSD.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Is comprised of seven regional organizations: 

  • ICHPER·SD Africa

  • ICHPER·SD Asia

  • ICHPER·SD Europe

  • ICHPER·SD Latin America

  • ICHPER·SD Middle East

  • ICHPER·SD North America and Caribbean

  • ICHPER·SD Oceania

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Has thirty-three Commissions, each commission serving as a structural unit and international body of a specialized intellectual group.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Has successfully held twenty-seven ICHPER·SD World Congresses throughout the world since 1958.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Has successfully organized seventeen ICHPER·SD Regional Congresses and numerous member national organizations’ conventions, clinics, workshops, seminars, and symposia since 1958.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Publishes the Journal of ICHPER·SD four times a year, as well as world congress proceedings, position papers, and regional congress proceedings.  The Journal carries abstracts in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Has provided the Journal of ICHPER·SD to all ICHPER·SD professional and library members, UNESCO, International Olympic Committee, National Olympic Committees, international sport federations, and World Health Organization.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Facilitates information and scientific knowledge for quality education and programs of health and movement related activities to the world to promote a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

arrowredR.gif (110 bytes)  Offers various types of memberships: individual, life, institutional, national organization, international, contributing, perpetual business, educational members, and library.

ICHPER·SD has accomplished much, but challenges of the years ahead are formidable.  ICHPER·SD needs your support and invites your personal and professional involvement. We can do so much better with you and your colleagues to strengthen ICHPER·SD' s mission in all nations of the world.  Together we can make a difference toward the common goal of improving physical education and sport in schools, and the quality of life through a healthy and active lifestyle for the entire global community.