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ICHPERD·SD is the largest, membership-based international and umbrella organization that includes professors,teachers,researchers, coaches, educators and administrators in the fileds of HPERSD and related areas, as well as educational or research institutions and departments.


-------- The 53rd ICHPER·SD Anniversary World Congress & Exposition will be held on December 19th - 22nd, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. Abstracts and Manuscripts both due at the same time, by October 14th, 2011------- The 2nd ICHPER•SD Middle East Leadership Conference scheduled for July 19 - 20, in Cairo, Egypt.------- The President of ICHPER.SD Prof. Dr. Dong Ja YANG was awarded the Order of Civil Merit- Moran Medal from the government of South Korea on the 15th of October. Congratulations!------- The ICHPER.SD Vice President for the Middle East Prof. Dr. Mosaad Ewies was awarded the Annual National Social Science Award of the of the year 2011 from the government of Egypt Congratulations!-------



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For information related to the upcoming World Congress in Cairo, Egypt (December 19-22, 2011) please see the World Congress booklet to the left at the bottom of the main menu.

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