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ICHPERD·SD is the largest, membership-based international and umbrella organization that includes professors,teachers,researchers, coaches, educators and administrators in the fileds of HPERSD and related areas, as well as educational or research institutions and departments.


The 6th ICHPER˖SD Asia Regional Congress & Exposition Hosted by National Taiwan Normal University - Taipai, Taiwan, January 20 - 23, 2011 - Dr. Frank Chin-Lung Fang, Vice President for Asia (E-mail: t08026@ntnu.edu.tw) Website: http://ichpersd2011.tw --------- 5th Africa Regional Congress will take place on 2nd-5th of February 2011 at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria--------------- The President of ICHPER.SD Prof. Dr. Dong Ja YANG was awarded the Order of Civil Merit- Moran Medal from the government of South Korea on the 15th of October. Congratulations!-----------



ICHPER·SD is committed to fostering the essence of education in HPERSD fields through international understanding and goodwill, safeguarding peace, freedom, and respect for human dignity. ICHPER·SD is committed to promoting quality HPERSD programs, professional standards, scholarly pursuits, research, and exchanges of knowledge among its constituent members, as well as other concerned professionals and institutions. ICHPER·SD is committed to searching for knowledge through promoting research and development in areas relating to HPERSD--(a) teaching, coaching, and learning process; (b) curriculum standards and program development; (c) administration and organization of programs in educational and community-based institutions; (d) the relationship to physical activity on physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development; (e) standards for professional practice, guidelines, and ethics; and (f) other areas of interest as determined by the Research Committee or constituent members.