----2018 ICHPER.SD Forum. Held in conjunction with the SHAPE America Annual Convention and Exposition: March 20-24, 2018 Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.-------The 44th Volume of the Journal of ICHPER-SD has been released and sent via e-mail to all members.-------

The Seoul Resolution
WHEREAS ICHPER·SD has as purposes (Bylaws, Art. III):
  • development of standards for professional practice (Sec. 3),
  • promotion of professional standards (Sec. 1),
  • assistance in professional preparation of teachers, world-wide (Sec. 4).

WHEREAS ICHPER·SD recommendations and resolutions passed at congresses urge quality
professional preparation through:

  • effective construction and qualified teachers (Rio de Janeiro, 1963; London, 1972; Sanur/Denpasar, 1973),
  • ensuring that all teachers of physical education are qualified in the field (Rio de Janeiro, 1963; Addis Ababa, 1965; Sydney, 1970; Sanur/Denpasar, 1973),
  • national standards (Addis Ababa, 1965),
  • recognition of professional status of physical educators (Sydney, 1970),
  • a long term project on teacher training in physical education (London, 1972),
  • qualified teachers, academically and professionally prepared (Sanur/Denpasar, 1973),
  • an emphasis on scientifically-based teaching and teacher preparation (Mexico City, 1997; Kiel, 1979),
  • appointment of committees to develop plans for accomplishing each of the purposes of ICHPER·SD as stated in the Bylaws (Manila, 1981), and
  • evaluation of the progress toward ICHPER·SD resolutions (Vancouver, 1987).

WHEREAS the International Charter of Physical Education and Sport, supported by UNESCO
member states (Art. 4.1, 4.3, 1978; reaffirmed by ICHPER·SD, 1991):

  • all who assume professional responsibility for physical education and sport must have appropriate qualifications…, and
  • appropriate structures must be established for the training of personnel for physical education and sport.

WHEREAS the World Conference on Women and Sport resolved to encourage the International
Olympic Committee “to cooperate in efforts that have as their aim the creation of global
programmes of physical education in schools…to promote health and quality of life”
(October 14-
16, 1996).

WHEREAS the Asia Conference of ICHPER·SD (March 7-10, 1996) crafted its Sport Covenant for
Women on, in part, the universal principle that ‘The practice of physical education and sport is a
fundamental right for all’.


  • in the fundamental right of all school-age youth to be physically educated, world-wide; and supports UNICEF in its commitment that every child has the right to physical development
  • the primary responsibility of a profession, hence professional organization, is to act in the best interest of people (e.g., school-age youth); and that global professional standards is an intended guarantee that quality human service is availed consumers, and
  • that the sphere of influence toward professionalizing a field of study is determined through celebrated actions, by professional organizations, international as well as national.

IT IS RESOLVED that the ICHPER·SD Board of Governors, on the occasion of its 40th Congress
(July 4, 2023):

  • reaffirms its commitment to the organization’s purposes related to quality professional preparation, world-wide,
  • recognizes the responsibility of the organization’s leadership in advancing these purposes,
  • approves this Seoul Resolution on Quality Physical Educators for a Global Society, 2000,
  • is committed (through advocacy and actions), to develop and promote the use of quality professional standards, which may help ensure the right of all school-age youth to be physically educated, world-wide, by the onset of the new millennium, and
  • approves in principle, the Global Standards for Professional Preparation of Physical Educators, which identify essential knowledge and skills for professional practice (attached).

The Standards:

  • include disciplinary, professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills appropriate to deliver quality programs for school-age youth,
  • provide the foundation for development of curricula, customized to distinct needs,
  • are minimum, (yet comprehensive), for an entry-level role as a physical educator,
  • are for voluntary use, unless required by a superordinate, and
  • provide the basis of a registry of professional preparation programs (voluntary).

FURTHER, IT IS RESOLVED that accountability will be realized through action goals:

  • by the close of the 1997 calendar year, ICHPER·SD will have approved, Global Standards for Professional Preparation of Physical Educators,
  • by the opening of the 42nd Congress of ICHPER·SD (1999), at least half of the national professional organizations which are members of ICHPER·SD will have adopted/endorsed the Global Standards, and
  • by the year 2000, Implementation of the Global Standards will have begun by the adopting/endorsing professional organizations.