----2018 ICHPER.SD Forum. Held in conjunction with the SHAPE America Annual Convention and Exposition: March 20-24, 2018 Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.-------The 44th Volume of the Journal of ICHPER-SD has been released and sent via e-mail to all members.-------

Advocacy Statement
ICHPER•SD honors the right of every child and adolescent to a standard of physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and social development essential to engage purposefully in life’s functions.† Further, ICHPER•SD endorses entitlement of this right for every child and adolescent, without regard to the individual’s status in life.

ICHPER•SD believes freedom can be realized only when one’s rights have been enabled, and, unconditional freedom can be realized only when conditions provide one the freedom to become his/her best.

ICHPER•SD acknowledges its role toward fulfilling of this right, hence freedom, and accepts its responsibility, within bounds of its purposes, to help enable conditions necessary for every child and adolescent to become physically educated-a precondition to become his/her best.

To these ends, ICHPER•SD will:

  • assist national professional organizations, globally, to:
    • develop advocacy strategies designed to reach groups such as parents, government officials, school administrators, education agencies, ministries of education and/or sport,
    • promulgate quality physical education experiences for every child and adolescent through adopting and promoting of the International Standards for Physical Education and Sport for School Children,
    • promulgate quality teaching through adopting and promoting of its Global Standards for Professional Preparation of Physical Educators;
  • develop strategies to assist national professional associations to provide services to individuals professional practitioners, government officials, school administrators, leaders of allied agencies, ministries of education and/or sport; and
  • conduct and disseminate global, longitudinal research on achievement of the aforementioned right.

† UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Fund. September 2, 1990. Convention on the rights of the
child, Article 27.

ICHPER•SD November, 2000