----2018 ICHPER.SD Forum. Held in conjunction with the SHAPE America Annual Convention and Exposition: March 20-24, 2018 Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.-------The 44th Volume of the Journal of ICHPER-SD has been released and sent via e-mail to all members.-------

Purpose & Mission

ICHPER·SD is committed to fostering the essence of education in HPERSD fields through international understanding and goodwill, safeguarding peace, freedom, and respect for human dignity. ICHPER·SD is committed to promoting quality HPERSD programs, professional standards, scholarly pursuits, research, and exchanges of knowledge among its constituent members, as well as other concerned professionals and institutions. ICHPER·SD is committed to searching for knowledge through promoting research and development in areas relating to HPERSD--(a) teaching, coaching, and learning process; (b) curriculum standards and program development; (c) administration and organization of programs in educational and community-based institutions; (d) the relationship to physical activity on physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development; (e) standards for professional practice, guidelines, and ethics; and (f) other areas of interest as determined by the Research Committee or constituent members.

ICHPER·SD is committed to disseminating world-wide information and knowledge achieved through (a) publishing the Journal of ICHPER·SD, regional journals, and newsletters; (b) initiating sponsorships of and collaborating in international congresses, colloquia, symposia, workshops, and seminars; (c) providing international exchange of students, teachers, administrators, and scholars; (d) cooperating with other national and international organizations concerned with HPERSD and the Olympic Movement.

ICHPER·SD is committed to advocating and promoting the importance of HPERSD programs in schools and learning systems, while promoting daily quality physical activity for people throughout the world. ICHPER·SD is committed to enforcing sustainable implementation of the contents of, but not limited to, the ICHPER·SD resolutions adopted at World Congresses, all ICHPER·SD international standards and other position papers, UNESCO Charter of Physical Education and Sport, and Declaration and Recommendations of MINEPS III, as well as the Olympic Movement, Ideal and Truce.

ICHPER·SD recognizes distinguished scholars, researchers, contributors and administrators in the field of HPERSD and the Olympic Movement throughout the world, to encourage highest standards and excellence in the professions/disciplines of HPERSD.

ICHPER·SD is committed to organizing its Anniversary World Congress while encouraging its regional organizations to organize their respective regional congresses in alternate years of World Congresses, and each national organization’s annual convention. ICHPER·SD is committed to collaborate with other organizations with similar aims, such as UNESCO, International Olympic Committee, Association of the National Olympic Committees and their members, various international sports federations, academic organizations, and World Health Organization (WHO).