----2018 ICHPER.SD Forum. Held in conjunction with the SHAPE America Annual Convention and Exposition: March 20-24, 2018 Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.-------The 44th Volume of the Journal of ICHPER-SD has been released and sent via e-mail to all members.-------

Fact Statements


• is the offspring of an idea first conceived in 1950 by the Board of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education,

and Recreation (AAHPER: Since then, “Dance” was added to its name— it is now AAHPERD);

• was founded in 1958 in Rome, Italy by the world’s leading professionals in HPER;

• has been housed at AAHPER[D] headquarters since 1958;

• is an NGO member of UNESCO and has official relations with UNESCO;

• is registered in the United States as a nonprofit organization [501(c)(3) status];

• is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Recognized Organization.


• is an international organization with membership that includes teachers, coaches, researchers, professors, education

administrators, and departments in various institutions, as well as national and international organizations in the fields of HPERSD;

• is dedicated to scholarly pursuit and exchange of professional information among its members;

• is committed to world-wide dissemination of information relating to HPERSD;

• has successfully held thirty three (33) world congresses around the world since 1958.


• is comprised of eight (8) regional organizations (ICHPER•SD Africa, ICHPER•SD Asia, ICHPER•SD Caribbean,

ICHPER•SD Europe, ICHPER•SD Latin America, ICHPER•SD Middle East, ICHPER•SD North America, and

ICHPER•SD Oceania);

• has five (5) ICHPER•SD Divisions (Health; Physical Education; Recreation and Leisure; Sport and the Olympic Movement; and Dance);

• has fifty two (52) ICHPER•SD Commissions; each commission serves as a structural programming unit and international body for a special interest;

• has successfully held 31 ICHPER•SD Regional Congresses (i.e. 4 Africa Regional Congresses; 5 Asia; 1 Caribbean; 11 Europe; 4 Middle East; 5 Latin America and 1 Oceania), 18 ICHPER•SD Forums, Leadership Conferences/Sessions in conjunction with the AAHPERD National Conventions & Expositions, 3 Regional Leadership Conferences, and over 150 clinics, workshops, seminars and symposia, and has assisted member national organization conventions since 1958;

• has served and worked with professionals and organizations in over 168 countries throughout the world;

• is known as one of the oldest and most influential leading international academic organizations in HPERSD.


• publishes the ICHPER•SD Journal of Research two times a year, world congress proceedings, regional congress proceedings, position papers and resolutions;

• published and disseminated worldwide the International Standards for Physical Education and Sport for School Children/Youth

(A joint project of ICHPER•SD and UNESCO launched in 2001 and completed in 2004).

• has established a world-wide network with regional and national organizations, institutions, libraries, and professionals in HPERSD;

• has provided the Journal of ICHPER•SD and the ICHPER•SD Journal of Research to all ICHPER•SD members and library members, IOC, UNESCO, WHO, National Olympic Committees (NOC's) and international sport federations (IFs) in 208 countries and self-governing territories.


• offers various types of memberships including individual, life, institutional, national organization, international, contributing, and library.